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The Birth of the Walk For Liberty

One Saturday morning, as my wife Brooke and I were lingering in bed, she turned abruptly to me and asked, “Do you like walking?”.

Thinking it was a bit of a non sequitur question, and being somewhat suspicious because of that, I tepidly replied “yes…..”.

She then asked, “Do you reeeeeeealy like walking?”

Now I had a mix of intrigue and concern. Where was she going with this?


She then responded with “How would you like to walk across the country?”

Wow. It was so simple, and yet so perfect. That moment would change our lives for the next year.

In my previous life (i.e. before last year) I was a programmer at a company which writes software for advertising agencies. I had been working at the same company for a number of years. It was a pretty cushy job. During the last few years at the company, I was even working from home telecommuting. It offered a great salary, had great benefits, and it only required 35 hours per week.

But I was slowly dying inside. Especially near the end, I knew I wasn’t doing work aligned with my life purpose. I had recently figured out my mission in life is to achieve liberty in society, by shrinking government to be as small as possible. I didn’t want to waste any more of my time working toward something I didn’t really care about. I would rather be poor and doing something that could make a difference than well off and doing something that doesn’t matter, especially when my job was taking up half my waking hours (and most of my energy) from doing what I would love.

At the time when Brooke came up with the idea for the walk, I had quit my job a few months prior. She knew that I was looking for some way to contribute to the freedom movement. We had already been planning on moving to New Hampshire sometime this year as part of the Free State Project. So she came up with the idea of walking from the west coast to get there, as a way of generating publicity for it. We both support Ron Paul for president and thought that would also be a great cause for the walk. We even found the perfect name for it — the Walk For Liberty.

I was instantly ecstatic about the idea. Since quitting my job I haven’t figured out what is the best way for me to contribute to the cause of liberty. This walk is a great first step though.

We then asked my brother John if he would be interested in joining us, and he was immediately on board. He recently quit his job in Japan after the company defaulted on paying him thousands of dollars. He also loves traveling and creating great experiences, and is excited about the trip. He has a girlfriend, Yuka, who he met in Osaka, Japan while he was working there. Right now she’s still in Japan finishing up school, but will join us about a month after we start.

Brooke, John, and I are currently living in Hawaii. In April, we will fly to Washington state, where we’ll start the trip. Once there, we plan on purchasing an RV to use as a support vehicle, which Brooke and John will trade off in driving. Yuka, who has studied cooking in Japan and France, has graciously offered to be the official cook on our walk. And I personally am looking forward to walking each and every step of the way to New Hampshire.

I don’t think the complete reality of this has hit me yet. I’m sure it probably won’t until after walking several days straight of 20+ miles per day. :) But I am really excited about the walk. I look forward to all the many experiences, getting exposure for the Free State Project and Ron Paul, talking to people we meet along the way, and possibly planting seeds of liberty. I can’t help but be enthusiastic about the coming months.

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6 Responses to “The Birth of the Walk For Liberty”

  1. John Buchanan Says:

    Great post! I can’t wait to see and help America (20+ miles at a time)…

  2. Mark Says:

    Good luck guys! If I were in the country I would walk awhile with you all! We will see how far you are when I get back in Setember and maybe Ill join you! Take care out there. Maybe you could make a short production video on youtube to promote this a bit more.

  3. Judith Says:

    Will, I will be thinking of you all and hope your walk is without incident. You are a man of conviction, good luck!

  4. Russell Kanning Says:

    It is funny how things started.
    I posted this story on our papers website. We will try to keep up with your trip across America.
    Do you guys having any training pictures?

  5. Will Buchanan Says:

    Awesome, Russell, thanks!

    We don’t have any training pics at this point, but we could take some. Do you have any specific requests?

    - Will

  6. Will Buchanan Says:

    @Mark - thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to start posting some videos soon.

    @Judith - thanks for the concern!

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