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Video: Walk For Liberty Day 9 - More Cold

We encounter even more cold, wet weather, and trek up a long mountain pass.  And we actually get to use a rest area instead of the bushes.

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2 Responses to “Video: Walk For Liberty Day 9 - More Cold”

  1. Wen Chen Says:

    Suggestions for layering socks to avoid blisters. You may already know all this. But just in case it’s helpful,

    I have had many experiences with blisters. Dr. Schole’s is good for treating them, but don’t put two layers on them. For avoiding it in the first place, I find layering two socks the most helpful. The inner layer (the liner socks) should be thin and moisture wicking. The outer layer should be wool, such as “Smart Wool”. You can find these specialty socks in GI Joe or any other outdoor store.

    Good luck!

    - Wen Chen
    Portland, OR

  2. Carol Ann Webb Says:

    Brooke, you’re following (backwards?) in the steps of many strong pioneer women. You go, girl! (And when it’s cold and snowy and miserable out, just remember whose idea this was…) I do empathize, though - I hate cold weather.

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