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Walk For Liberty Day 192 - Trial Of Ian Freeman - Do Judges Have Authority Over You?

November 15th 2008, day 192 / Gun freedom bumper stickers on RV store / Lauren Canario’s kidnapping by the government / Description of the govt’s “trial” of Ian Freeman / Kidnapped for 93 days / Do “judges” think they’re better than you? / Jailing someone for lack of respect? / How can you respect someone who initiates force on others? / Judges think they have authority over you / If judges have authority, where does it come from? / Analyzing the meaning of “authority” / Judges would probably argue their authority comes from some supposed majority of people in a particular political delineation / Does a majority of people have authority over an individual? / At what point is a group large enough that they have authority over you? / No one can have authority over you without your having given it / 18.24 miles for liberty / http://FreeKeene.com / Ron Paul sign montage

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4 Responses to “Walk For Liberty Day 192 - Trial Of Ian Freeman - Do Judges Have Authority Over You?”

  1. Marcus Says:

    If you are not going to play by the rules, then why show up to court in the first place?

  2. Will Buchanan Says:

    Just because you’ve gone doesn’t mean you’ve agreed to play by the rules. Perhaps you might go to make some other point.

  3. Lauren Says:

    Another reason might be to keep the police from kicking down your door (or your neighbors door if the paperwork isn’t legible) to forcibly dragging you (or someone who looks like you) to court.

  4. David Thompson Says:

    This is highly unsurprising. “Judges” and “courts” in Cheshire county are corrupt; they are not concerned with truth, honesty or integrity. I could probably count on a single finger the number of rulings that come out of these kangaroo courts that have any sensibility, basis in truth or in law. A “court” that has no sense of justice is not deserving of the respect it tries to command.

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