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Walk For Liberty Day 214 - Interview With the President of the Free State Project

December 17th 2008, day 214 / Walking through snow / First day back to walking since arriving in NH / Thoughts on the NH arrival celebration and on getting to NH / Retrieved and fixed the RV / Staying with other Free Staters / Interview with Varrin Swearingen, President of the Free State Project / Comments on Keene, NH / How Varrin discovered the message of liberty in his life / Connection with Marshall Fritz, founder of the Advocates for Self-Government and the Alliance for Separation of School and State / Being in Marshall’s school / Large crowd having lunch with us at Panera Bread in Keene / 3 more people walking with me / Walked 13.91 miles for liberty / http://Amazon.WalkForLiberty.com / Jake-rider / New Hampshire Free Press spotted in store in Swanzey with article about the Walk For Liberty!

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2 Responses to “Walk For Liberty Day 214 - Interview With the President of the Free State Project”

  1. Keith Says:

    It looked like Varrin was jumping a few times. quite funny. It’s fantastic that 4 people walked with you. See you at Taproom Tuesday!

  2. Walter Conell Says:

    I really enjoyed watching your videos. Wish I could have done the same.
    My questions are; How has this adventure helped in increasing our liberties directly? Has your exposure had any recognition in a sufficient amount to make any changes in policies?
    I tend to think this has a been a nice walk and maybe for a purpose, but has had little impact but on a local scale if at all.

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