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Walk For Liberty Day 222 - Completing a Walk Across The Country: Reaching the Atlantic Ocean

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

December 31st 2008, day 222 / Snowstorm! / Last day of coast-to-coast journey of the Walk For Liberty / Crowd of people joining me to walk to the beach, despite the snow! / Reaching the ocean at Hampton Beach / More people waiting for us at the ocean / Snow covered beach / Final approach to the ocean / Setting foot into the Atlantic Ocean / Doing a Polar Bear Plunge / The After-Party New Year’s Eve Bash / Welcome Home Cake / Modeling a custom Walk For Liberty shirt / Nintendo Wii games / Karaoke / Recording GPS coordinates the next morning / 8.51 miles for liberty / / Snow Angel / Cloverfield homage?

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Walk For Liberty Day 221 - T-1 Day - The Antics Of Keith

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

December 30th 2008, day 221 / Coast-to-coast Walk For Liberty is almost complete / Walk For Liberty recap / Watch the whole story of the Walk For Liberty at or / Subscribe to the Walk For Liberty YouTube channel at / Keith joins me and performs a public service / I’ll continue doing the Walk For Liberty videos even after reaching the coast / Walking into the water at Hampton Beach, NH at 3pm on New Years Eve / Exeter, NH / 13.76 miles for liberty / / Keith’s antics of walking through ice water and climbing up a downed tree

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