Walk For Liberty Day 215 - What’s The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats?

December 19th 2008, day 215 / McSame / Marlborough, NH / McCain may have voted 90% with Bush, but how different are the Democrats? / The 2 major parties portray themselves as being polar opposites / Democrats are supposedly for civil liberties and anti-war but they voted for the Patriot Act and the Iraq War / Republicans are supposedly fiscal conservatives but support Social Security and Medicare / Both parties violate people’s personal liberties such as with the seat belt law and the Drug War / They’re both parties of big government and are in favor of the status quo in govt / If they’re each in favor of smaller govt in certain areas, why don’t they try to repeal existing laws? / Business regulations, Department of Education, bringing troops back home / They’re just politicians / Passing pet projects / Someone who truly supported liberty, like Ron Paul, would vote against almost everything in congress / Dr. No / 12.29 miles for liberty / http://SubYT.WalkForLiberty.com click to subscribe to our YouTube channel / Walking through a snowstorm / Forced closing of a dump station? / Icy windshield

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  1. Keith Says:

    Some of the GOP House leadership tried to end the D of Education in the 1990s but they lost the battle and the national GOP moved away from the issue.

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