Walk For Liberty Day 217 - Why Are People Friendlier In Places Where There’s More Freedom And Less Government?

December 22nd 2008, day 217 / Greenfield, NH / Working on downed utility lines / Journey’s End? / Are people friendlier in places where there is more freedom? / Waving to people you pass / People in sparsely populated western states seeming more friendly and helpful / People offering me rides / Getting snitched on further east / People friendlier in New Hampshire / Newspaper and TV coverage / Why are people friendlier in places where they’re freer? / In places where there is more govt, it breeds mistrust among people so it can control them / If people are afraid, they often look to the govt for protection / New York City campaign “If you see something, say something” / In places where there is less government, peoples’ natural kinship comes out / 17.02 miles for liberty / http://Amazon.WalkForLiberty.com / “Save Our Island!” / Even dogs are friendlier in NH?

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