Walk For Liberty Day 219 - Cops Don’t Pull Speeders Over For Safety Reasons, But Rather For Revenue Collection

December 28th 2008, day 219 / ManchVegas / Mannequin supports Ron Paul! / Manchester, NH / No Dog Fouling / Incidents of Cop-unsafety / Cop pulling someone over when his car is hanging out onto the highway / Pulling people over for the “safety” reason of speeding, yet the cops is creating more of a hazard himself / Speeding is just an arbitrary “crime” and is not a danger to anyone else / If a cop can’t pull someone over safely, then he shouldn’t do it at all / If cops aren’t pulling people over for safety reasons, are they doing it for revenue collection? / Having quotas to fill / Peace officers aren’t supposed to collect revenue for the state, they’re supposed to keep the peace / Candia, NH / 30 miles to go on the Walk For Liberty / Finishing on New Year’s Eve / http://ArrivalPlans.WalkForLiberty.com / 10.15 miles for liberty / http://SubYT.WalkForLiberty.com click to subscribe to my YouTube Channel / ManchVegas

Ron Paul’s new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto about how America has gone off track and how we can get it back, has been released. Buy it from the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com, and help out the Walk For Liberty at the same time! If you purchase Ron Paul’s book through this link, the Walk For Liberty will receive a percentage of your purchase.

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2 Responses to “Walk For Liberty Day 219 - Cops Don’t Pull Speeders Over For Safety Reasons, But Rather For Revenue Collection”

  1. Carol Ann Webb Says:

    So why is it called ManchVegas?

  2. Mark Hummel Says:

    Will, I think your walk for liberty is cool as hell, but your logic about speeding is flawed. I agree that cops are hypocrites/hypocritical, as is much of of the criminal justice system (i.e. war on drugs, etc.), but it seems obvious that speed itself doesn’t kill, it creates differentials that do. Even in the case you point out where the cop is being unsafe by sticking out in the road. Speeders would likely hit him- not people driving at the speed limit. I am all for speeding in uninhabited places, but I do that at the risk of hitting moose, or elk or even unassuming walkers like yourself.

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