Walk For Liberty Day 220 - Cops Satisfy Their Curiosity About You At Your Expense

December 29th 2008, day 220 / Hierarchy of mailboxes / Cop car stalking me / Curious cops / When cops are curious, it’s not like other people being curious, because they can arrest you as a result / If cops were just curious it would be one thing, but they can snap into their law enforcement role instantly / They’re satisfying their curiosity at your expense / Not wise to treat police officers like any other curious person / I can’t treat them like regular people until they are again peace officers rather than law enforcement / Todd and his kids walking with me / 9.40 miles for liberty / http://Amazon.WalkForLiberty.com / Bug-eyed Iron Man

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Watch the video:

5 Responses to “Walk For Liberty Day 220 - Cops Satisfy Their Curiosity About You At Your Expense”

  1. cathleeninnh Says:

    Please don’t sing that anymore, Will.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Right, sing that one that goes:
    I would walk one thousand miles
    and I would walk one thousand more
    to be the man that walk two thousand miles
    to fall down at your door
    Duh duh dut da!
    Duh duh dut da!
    Duh duh dut duda dut duda dut

  3. Lauren Says:

    It’s a sad situation when cops can’t be treated like normal humans. But necessary to keep out of their random grasp.

  4. Nate Says:

    Hey Will,
    Great to see you made it to NH! We have been following your progress. I just ran across your name on http://www.schoolandstate.org under tributes to Marshall Fritz.
    For Freedom,

  5. Keith Says:

    I liked your song. It is not up to Dave R. quality, though.

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