Walk For Liberty Day 222 - Completing a Walk Across The Country: Reaching the Atlantic Ocean

December 31st 2008, day 222 / Snowstorm! / Last day of coast-to-coast journey of the Walk For Liberty / Crowd of people joining me to walk to the beach, despite the snow! / Reaching the ocean at Hampton Beach / More people waiting for us at the ocean / Snow covered beach / Final approach to the ocean / Setting foot into the Atlantic Ocean / Doing a Polar Bear Plunge / The After-Party New Year’s Eve Bash / Welcome Home Cake / Modeling a custom Walk For Liberty shirt / Nintendo Wii games / Karaoke / Recording GPS coordinates the next morning / 8.51 miles for liberty / http://Donate.WalkForLiberty.com / Snow Angel / Cloverfield homage?

Would you consider donating $3 to help support the Walk For Liberty? Even the price of a cup of coffee will go a long way to helping pay for our mission to promote liberty. No donation is too small! Visit http://Donate.WalkForLiberty.com

Watch the video:

5 Responses to “Walk For Liberty Day 222 - Completing a Walk Across The Country: Reaching the Atlantic Ocean”

  1. Carol Ann Webb Says:

    What an incredible journey! And what a wondrously warm welcome to your new home in New Hampshire (by the people, not the Atlantic!). Congratulations, congratulations, + one more for each mile walked.

  2. Cynthia & Malena Says:

    “We all followed, followed, followed, Will to the coast, coast, coast
    In search of more freedom, freedom, freedom in New Hampshire..
    ..da da da, da da da..”

  3. Susan Foote and Steve Siebert Says:

    I am glad to see that you made it. My parrent’s (Harvey and Joyce Foote) were you hosts in Vermilion, Ohio.

  4. john hibbard Says:

    what is next in your promotion of the advancement of liberty for all persons??

    i may walk from los angeles to jacksonville in opposition to the use of torture and to oppose the orwellian state. as mr. icke cautions us in his many controversial books.

    congratulations on your courageous walk!!

    john hibbard

  5. Sam Says:

    Hmmmm…NH has no seatbelt law? No helmet law? Are you people morons? What do practical laws such as these have to do with freedom? Freedom to fly through a car window? Freedom to suffer massive headwounds. I see adults not buckle up their kids every day. They’re idiots who are simply too lazy to do so. Makes me sick. But hey…they’re free. Personal responsibility? These people aren’t and never will be responsible. And their children are at risk because of it. Thank goodness some people work and study hard to get into medical school to treat the wounds freedom-happy people and their children suffer. And you can bet these idiots are happy these smart people are around and willing to save their lives when they suffer horrendous injuries by not buckling up or wearing helmets. Gee, if the sign said no smoking around oxygen tanks, would that infringe on your freedom? Maybe these simple laws are enacted to protect people smart enough to realize that these laws make sense and have nothing to do with freedom. What a joke.

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