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About us

Will BuchananWill Buchanan is an individual whose purpose in life is to work toward gaining more freedom for people in society.  He thinks a key step to doing this is to educate as many people as possible about the concepts of liberty.  Will grew up in Indiana, went to school at Duke University in North Carolina, and then got a job as a computer programmer at Donovan Data Systems, based in New York City.  He eventually began telecommuting from home, living in both Miami and Boston, while continuing to work for the same company.  Will and Brooke currently reside in Hawaii until the Walk For Liberty starts.  They plan to reside in New Hampshire at the conclusion of the walk.

BrookeBrooke was born in Idaho, but grew up in Hawaii.  She attended Brigham Young University - Hawaii, which is located right in her home town.  Brooke has done extensive traveling around the world, including visiting such places as Scotland, Germany, Japan, and Guatemala.  Brooke worked for a time in New York City with Sprout, through which she met Will's brother John, who then introduced her to Will.  She also graduated with a Master's Degree from Boston College.  During her program there, she worked at Perkins School for the Blind.  She currently works as a resource teacher for visually impaired students.

JohnOne of John's major goals in life is to create meaningful and unique experiences (he calls it memory acquisition).  He prides himself on his crazy job history that varies from slinging pizzas at Pizza Hut to gutting fish on the rough Bering Sea in 15 to 20 foot waves to teaching English in Japan where he got laid-off and never got paid thousands of dollars.  Currently he has fulfilled his goal as a self-employed person.  He owns and operates the website EnglishKitty.com, through which he sells and conducts English conversations and lessons to non-native speakers over the Internet by using Skype.

YukaYuka was born and raised in Osaka, Japan where she studied cooking.  As a result, she furthered her experiences in France for about two years as a chef.  Years later she met John while he was working in Japan, and so they began dating.  She is currently in Osaka studying for her Japanese teaching license so as to educate foreigners on her language.  She will join up with Will, Brooke, and John sometime in May and cook killer health food out of the RV.  She is looking forward to the challenges of cooking mostly vegetarian and vegan meals.
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