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Will you help support us on our journey to spread freedom across America?

Walking for 3600 miles over a period of 6 months across the country on the Walk For Liberty to spread the message of freedom won't be cheap! We'll have a number of expenses. Here are some of them:

We would greatly appreciate any contribution you could make, no matter how small.

Donations are made through PayPal, which is safe and easy. Click here to learn more about it.

Click the 'Donate' button to make a donation right here:

Banner Ad on FreeTalkLive.com

Nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live is auctioning off the 2nd banner ad on their website. We're raising money to buy that ad in order to promote the Walk For Liberty! Since it's an auction, it could go for any amount, but we want to raise $100 for it. Note: if we don't win the auction, we will use this money to buy Google AdWords to promote the Walk For Liberty instead. Please use the ChipIn button below to donate:

Donate to the Free State Project

The Free State Project will be providing us with promotional materials — flags, bumper stickers, etc. — that we will use to help publicize the Free State Project. If you would like to contribute to the Free State Project to help cover the costs of these materials, please use the ChipIn button below:

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this!

If you would prefer to go to the Free State Project's website directly to donate to this, go to this page and scroll to the 'Promotion of Walk For Liberty' all the way at the bottom.

Donate to Ron Paul's presidential campaign

If you would like to make a donation to Ron Paul's presidential campaign, click here.

Thank you!

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